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"Welcome to the new CORIUS Astronomy website !"

CORIUS Astronomy is all about digital astrophotography, using webcams, regular consumer DSLRs as well as dedicated cooled CCD camera's to capture as much as possible light in the dark. Enjoy your stay !

Website update !

Work has started on updating this website !

Took a 2 year break in which a lot of projects were done both in and around the house.
One of the projects included building an entirely new roll-off roof observatory (with a warm room) to replace the previous building after almost 10 years of service. Several new ideas and improvements were incorporated into the new building which were not very well executed in the previous observatory.

New images as well as a detailed report on the building of the new observatory will be featured on the new site.
I also built a DIY (ascom)autofocuser of which I will also include a detailed article on the site.

Software was also upgraded from using several programs to just using SGPro for all tasks.

Short introduction

Corius astronomy is a website dedicated to digital astrophotography.

On this website we present the results of our astrophotography journey which has started in 2003.
We actually started in (observational) astronomy as early as 1994, but with the introduction of the consumer digital camera, things started to evolve in the direction of astrophotography at a very rapid pace.

Although mainly concentrating on (digital) astrophotography, there is also quite some information available on the observational part of the hobby. Furthermore, you can find a very detailed overview of how we built our own roll-off observatory (including lots of images !).
There is also lots of information available in the form of local weather forecasts, astronomy events around the world, photoshop tutorials and how to’s, solar activity as well as a monthly overview of moon phases.

Look for a large link collection in the “Features” section ranging from astronomy basics, news and choosing a new telescope to astrophotography, image processing, links to commercial and free software, forums and user groups on astronomy and astroimaging and a large number of other amateur astronomer’s websites !

We try to update the site as frequently as possible with new images as weather permits, so check in regularly to find new and updated content and more astroimages. An overview of recently added images and updated content can be found below.

Visit the “Contact” section or press the “About us” button for a more detailed introduction and contact info.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Site navigation

Our site is divided into several sections which can be accessed using the navigation menu at the top section of each page.
Alternatively you can also use the “QuickNav” linkmenu at the bottom (footer) of each page. Jumping back to the top of each page can be done quickly by using the “Top” link at the very bottom (right side) of each page.

A sitemap is also available here: Site map

As this site is dedicated to astrophotography and as such will be making extensive use of photographic content, please be aware that loading times can differ with the amount of bandwidth available, visitors with only a small bandwith available will experience somewhat longer loading times.


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