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Articles & tutorials

Welcome to the info and tutorials section.

This part of the site starts off with some general stuff and then features several articles ranging from general astronomy to astrophotography. Besides this there are also some photoshop tutorials and image processing tutorials specifically written for processing astro images.

Should you have any remarks, questions or suggestions regarding the articles or tutorials please contact me using the “Contact” page.

Below is a short index of all content in this section.

General astronomy:


Photoshop tutorials:

Clicking on a small thumbnail image will take you right to the article or tutorial.

Some general stuff


Better known as the “Astronomy picture of the day” features a new astronomy related image very day.

General astronomy

Astronomy & light pollution

Brief article on light pollution and the effects of light pollution on our night sky and astronomy.


Basic imaging workflow – part 1

Just some basic information about my current way of working. This part is about starting up and setting up. It also deals with focusing and setting up the imaging session in CCDSoft.

Basic imaging workflow – part 2

Part 2 describes taking light, dark and flat frames and setting up the calibration (reduction) in Maxim Dl Pro, stacking the images and saving for further processing in Photoshop. The basic image processing Photoshop tutorial can be used for the next processing steps.

Photoshop tutorials

Basic image processing

Tutorial about basic image processing, addressing the histogram, linear and non-linear stretching, color correction and how to prevent clipping of data.
Originally written for DSLR image processing but basics apply to CCD images as well.

Creating an artificial flat field

A step by step Photoshop tutorial on how to create an artificial flat field image from your original image and applying this flat field to the light image.

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