A large collection of links to all sorts of astronomy and astrophotography related topics can be found below.
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Astronomy basics

Stargazing basics – By Sky & Telescope.
Article collection covering many aspects of astronomy.
Info on how to choose a telescope by Ed Ting. (a must read !!)
Choosing Your First Telescope – article by Sky & Telescope.
Guide to Choosing and Buying Your First Telescope
Astronomy basics

General astronomy

Website of the IAU.
The NASA homepage.
HST website.
European Southern Observatory.
Website on satellite tracking & global coordinates.
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight.
Resources & tutorials for Amateur Astronomers.

Astronomy news

A weekly overview of the planets.
Popular news site.
One of the most read astronomy magazines.
Another popular astronomy magazine.
Popular british astronomy magazine.
Astronomy website for Australian & New Zealand astro-community.
Website devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy.
Belgian website and forum. (in dutch)
Dutch astronomy website.
Dutch astronomy website by Govert Schilling.

Forums / User groups

A very large international astronomy forum.
Large UK astronomy forum.
Yahoo Losmandy users group.
Large German astronomy forum.
Another large German forum.
Dutch astronomy forum.

Digital astrophotography

Astrophotography guide/tips by Michael A. Covington.
Digital Camera Astrophotography Tips and Techniques.
Astrophotography Quick Start Guide by Jerry Lodriguss

Image processing

Astrophotography and image processing tutorials by Jerry Lodriguss.
Image processing tutorial By Steve Cannistra.
Tutorial on using Registax stacking software.
Misti Software – Image Processing Example – M8 (Lagoon Nebula)
Billions and – Tutorials

Private astroimaging websites

Website of Johannes Schedler.
Website of Stephan Seip.
Website of Robert Gendler.
Russell Croman Astrophotography.
Website of Matt Russell.
Website of Jay Ballauer.
Website of Mark Hanson.
Website of Jim Thommes.
Website of Richard Bosman.
Website of Karel Teuwen.
Gallery of Gerhard Bachmayer
Website of Maurice Toet.
Astrophotography by Steve Cannistra
Website of Gerald Rhemann


Maxim DL – astronomical image processing.
Astroart – astronomical image processing.
PHDGuiding – autoguiding software (free)
DeepSkyStacker – astronomical image stacking software (free)
Images Plus – astronomical image processing.
Stellarium – open source planetarium software (free)
PixInsight – astronomical image processing.

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