About us

About us

The Corius astronomy website is dedicated to digital astrophotography.

The site is made and maintained by two people, Raimond Lony and Roger Ploum.
We both live in the Netherlands and have started with (observational) astronomy as a hobby in 1994 and 2002.

As of 2003, we have expanded our hobby with astrophotography, mainly because of the introduction of the digital camera and the wish to record, show and share the views through a telescope. As the Netherlands feature a formidable amount of light pollution and unique climatological challenges (= lots of rain !) it turned out to be quite a frustrating experience from time to time.

We are however trying to make the most out of astrophotography and showing the results achieved on our site despite the difficulties and challenges we are facing.

This site was setup as a learning experience for us, to share the obstacles encountered and mistakes made on our path from buying the first digital camera to taking the first astronomical images. Astrophotography is everything but easy, but it is a fun, unique and quite challenging aspect of this hobby.

The learning curve for astrophotography is quite steep, and we learn new things (and often make new mistakes) with every image taken.

We are currently taking images with a monochrome SBIG ST-8300M CCD camera, after having used standard (unmodified) DSLRs (both Canon 20D and 350D) for several years.

Feedback / suggestions

If you have any questions, remarks or would like to leave a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us !

You have the possibility to send an e-mail using the form shown in the Contact section or to directly send an e-mail to us.
Please use the “Contact” option from the menu, or use this direct link for all further details: Contact

Site history

Development of this site has started in December 2004 and is changed and updated frequently.
It has already undergone some major changes and has already been rewritten three four times !

You are currently looking at the new 2012 styling, in which we moved from standard HTML and CSS to WordPress, mainly to keep updating as simple and easy as possible.

We try to keep the content of the site as updated as possible (and as time permits).

Although intended for our own personal use and reference, the full update history of the website is available for anyone interested in this incredibly boring stuff.
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