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Solar system – Other objects

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If you would only like to view the images, just click on the thumbnail image. If you are interested in the technical details of an image and other versions of the same image as well, then click the “Details” button.


Once an image is opened, you can switch to the next image without returning to this overview, you can use the icons to move between images, or you can use the arrow keys to navigate the images. The “X” icon at top right in the image window enlarges the view to the maximum size available.

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  • 324 Bamberga

    Sep. 03, 2013 Asteroid 324 Bamberga at opposition in Septembe…

  • Ceres

    Nov. 28, 2011 Ceres, before reclassification to “dwarf planet” …

  • Comet 17P Holmes

    Oct. 30, 2007 Comet 17P/Holmes is a periodic comet which was di…

  • Comet 2006 M4 SWAN

    Nov. 01, 2006 This comet is a non-periodic comet which was disc…

  • Comet 73P/SW3-fragmC

    May. 11, 2006 Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann is a periodic come…

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