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Portfolio – Solar system – Sun & Moon

Solar system – Sun & Moon

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  • Waning Moon – Oct. 2008

    Oct. 18, 2008 The Moon is the only natural satellite of our Ear…

  • Sun – Jul. 2006

    Jul. 01, 2006 Our Sun is a regular main-sequence class G2 star….

  • Earthshine – Apr. 2006

    Apr. 02, 2006 Earthshine is sunlight which is reflected by the …

  • Sun – May. 2005

    May. 01, 2005 A sunspot is a (relatively) cool area on the Sun’…

  • Transit of Venus 2004

    Jun. 08, 2004 A transit of Venus takes place when the planet Ve…

  • Lunar eclipse (shadow) – Nov. 2003

    Nov. 09, 2003 Above image is a composition of several images, w…

  • Lunar eclipse – Nov. 2003

    Nov. 09, 2003 A total lunar eclipse is an event in which the Mo…

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