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Please click one of the buttons shown below to apply sorting filters to this portfolio section.

If you would only like to view the images, just click on the thumbnail image. If you are interested in the technical details of an image and other versions of the same image as well, then click the “Details” button.


Once an image is opened, you can switch to the next image without returning to this overview, you can use the icons to move between images, or you can use the arrow keys to navigate the images. The “X” icon at top right in the image window enlarges the view to the maximum size available.

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  • SN2014J

    Feb. 02, 2014 A supernova was discovered in galaxy M82 during m…

  • Baader 7nm Ha test

    Mar. 04, 2013 Just wanted to do a quick test for the newly purc…

  • 2nd light SBIG ST-8300M

    Feb. 05, 2010 Second light of the new SBIG ST-8300M Monochrome …

  • 1st light SBIG ST-8300M

    Jan. 14, 2010 First light (test-images) of the new SBIG ST-8300…

  • Venus & Saturn

    Jun. 03, 2007 An image containing both Venus and Saturn in the …

  • Moon over the Bodensee

    Jun. 07, 2006 An image taken at the Bodensee in Germany during …

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