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Weather forecast

Local weather forecast

This page was written to provide an overview of several localized weather forecasts, local sky conditions and provides useful (external) links regarding weather forecasting.

Besides regular weather forecasting sites and info, it also mentions charts and data which is specifically aimed at astronomy and astrophotography (i.e. transparancy of the sky, seeing conditions, cloud cover etc.)

It also shows information on current solar activity, location of sunspots as well as info on the moon and its current phase.

An externally linked page shows sunrise and sunset times, moonrise, moonset times and provides and info on darkness, for this specific location. This can however be changed to any other location as well using the sunrisesunset.com website.

Please note that it could take a bit of time before all charts are shown on this page as the data needs to be fetched from several different external sources.

The source of the data or the website providing a specific service is always mentioned at the relevant section of this page.

Local clear sky chart

Brief explanation of icons:

  • Cloud Amount: blue = clear sky to white = completely clouded.
  • Astro Seeing: the smaller the pale blue dot, the better the seeing.
  • Transparency: The fewer bars (and bluer) the better transparency.
  • 2m R. Humidity: the green dot should be as small as possible = dryest.

Clear sky chart is provided by 7Timer.com

Local weather forecast (7 days)

Local weather forecast for the observatory location.

Forecast is provided by 7Timer.com

Current weather image Europe

Latest satellite image of Europe showing actual weather situation and cloud cover.
Satellite images are provided by SAT24.NL
© Buienradar/Eumetsat/Met Office

Current cloud cover (loop)

Animation of current satellite images of local cloud cover during the last couple of hours. Images are updated in 15 minute intervals.

Satellite images are provided by SAT24.NL
© Buienradar/Eumetsat/Met Office

Current sun image

Recent image of the sun.
Click on the image to view more and different images of our Sun.

Images are provided by NASA/SDAC.

Useful weather links

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