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DeepSkyPedia is a wiki project formed to help amateur astronomers in planning their observing sessions. Their goal is to make it possible to find all the information on particular object or groups of objects that you may find interesting while observing the sky.

The Interactive NGC Catalog Online

The interactive NGC (and IC, and Messier) catalog at SEDS, based on the famous NGC 2000.0 by R.W. Sinnott of Sky Publishing Corp.

The NGC/IC Project

The NGC/IC Project is a collaborative effort between professional and amateur astronomers to correctly identify all of the original NGC and IC objects.

Photographic Messier catalog

The photographic Messier catalog at

(IAU) Minor Panet Center

Need to find a minor planet, asteroid or comet, or check an asteroid which turned up in image by accident ? – You will find it here.

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