The Eagle Nebula is an emission nebula with an open star cluster.

It is an active starforming region, which already contains a considerable amount of new stars.
The nebula lies at a distance of about 7.000 light years in the next inner spiral arm of our galaxy.

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Image data

Object info
Name M16 – The Eagle Nebula
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Serpens
Right ascension 18h 18m 48s
Declination -13° 49′ 00″
Distance 7.000 ly
Other designations NGC6611, Sh2-49
Image info
Image date Jul. 15, 2006
Light frames 10x 4 min. @ ISO800 – Baader UHC-S
Total integration 40m
Dark frames
Flat frames
Bias frames
Software used DSLRFocus, Pixinsight LE, ImagesPlus, Photoshop CS2
Processing DSLRFocus was used to focus the scope and create the imaging series.
ImagesPlus 2.8 was used to calibrate the light frames.
Photoshop CS2 was used for post-processing, levels and curves adjustments.
Equipment info
Telescope GSO 8″ f4 Newton
Corrector Baader MPCC
Mount Losmandy G-11
Camera Canon 350D
Guide camera ToUcam Pro II
Guide scope 60/700 Achro
Autoguide software Guidedog
Filters 2″ Baader UHC-S
Location Landgraaf, The Netherlands
Image comments

Not a particularly good image. There are problems with the camera not being parallel to the focus plane (bloated stars right side) and issues with the focuser.