Messier 38 (NGC1912) is one of the three well known open clusters in the constellation Auriga.

This cluster lies at a distance of about 4.200 light years and is approximately 25 light years in diameter.
The much smaller cluster just to the right of M38 is NGC1907.

NGC1907 lies at a distance of about 4.500 light years and only contains about 30 stars.
At a visual magnitude of 8.2 it is a bit fainter than M38 (7.4).

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Image data

Object info
Name M38
Type Open cluster
Constellation Auriga
Right ascension 5h 28m 42s
Declination +35° 51′ 18″
Distance 4.200 ly
Other designations NGC1912
Image info
Image date Dec. 19, 2009
Light frames 37x 5 min. @ ISO800 – Baader UHC-S
Total integration 3h 5m
Dark frames 17x
Flat frames 10x
Bias frames
Software used DSLRFocus, Pixinsight LE, ImagesPlus, Photoshop CS2
Processing DSLRFocus was used to focus the scope and create the imaging series.
ImagesPlus 2.8 was used to calibrate the light frames with 17 dark frames and 10 flat frames.
Photoshop CS4 was used for post-processing, levels and curves adjustments.
Pixinsight LE (DBE) was used to get rid off the light pollution gradients.
Noel Carboni’s astronomy tools were used for DSO enhancement and noise reduction.
Equipment info
Telescope TMB/LOMO 80/480
Corrector Televue 2″ TRF 2008 flattener/reducer (FL: 384mm f/4.8)
Mount Losmandy G-11
Camera Canon 350D
Guide camera Atik 1HS Mono
Guide scope Vixen VMC110L
Autoguide software Guidemaster
Filters 2″ Baader UHC-S
Location Landgraaf, The Netherlands
Image comments

Low outside temperature of -11.3°C which was very helpful with keeping noise levels under control.