NGC 891 is a good example of an edge-on spiral galaxy.
This galaxy lies at a distance of 27,3 million light years and can be found in the constellation Andromeda, near the star Gamma Andromedae.

This galaxy is not an easy visual target in small telescopes due to its low surface brightness (about mag.13).

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Image data

Object info
Name NGC891
Type Spiral galaxy
Constellation Andromeda
Right ascension 02h 22m 33s
Declination +42° 20′ 57″
Distance 27 Mly
Other designations UGC1831, PGC9031,Caldwell 23
Image info
Image date Sep. 28, 2008
Light frames 30x 5 min. @ ISO800 – Baader Moon & Skyglow
Total integration 2h 30m
Dark frames
Flat frames
Bias frames
Software used DSLRFocus, ImagesPlus, Photoshop CS2
Processing DSLRFocus was used for focussing. All separate frames were calibrated, aligned and stacked in ImagesPlus 2.8.
Photoshop CS2 was used for further processing, curves adjustment, levels adjustment,etc.
Equipment info
Telescope Orion Optics SPX 10″ Newton
Corrector Televue 2″ Paracorr coma corrector (FL: 1.380mm f/5.43)
Mount Losmandy G-11
Camera Canon 20D
Guide camera Atik 1HS Mono
Guide scope Vixen VMC110L
Autoguide software Guidemaster
Filters 2″ Baader Moon & Skyglow
Location Landgraaf, The Netherlands
Image comments

Conditions were not particularly good, fog and bad transparency. Some small guiding issues.
Numerous small background galaxies can be seen as well in the image.