Our Sun is a regular main-sequence class G2 star.
It is the largest object in our solar system and contains more than 99.8% of all mass present in our solar system.

At present our Sun’s mass consists of about 70% hydrogen, 28% helium and some other elements.
This amount slowly changes over time as hydrogen is converted to helium in the core of our Sun.

The average remaining life-span of our Sun is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years after which it will slowly expand into a red giant star which will eventually collapse and explode. This will probably create a nice planetary nebula, but unfortunately we won’t be around anymore to take a picture of it !

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Image data

Object info
Name Sun
Type G-type main-sequence star
Age ~ 4.6 billion years
Absolute magnitude 4.83
Spectral classification G2V
Distance 1 AU – 8m 19s at light speed
from Milky Way core 27.200 ly
Equatorial radius 695.700 km – 109 Earths
Mass 333.000 Earths
Eq. Surface gravity 27,94 G
Sidereal rot. period 25,05 days
Apparant magnitude -26,74
Image info
Image date Jul. 01, 2006
Light frames 10x 4 min. @ ISO800 – Baader UHC-S
Total integration
Dark frames
Flat frames
Bias frames
Software used Registax v3, Photoshop CS
Processing Colorized in Photoshop
Equipment info
Telescope TS 127/820mm Refractor
Mount Losmandy G-11
Camera Canon 20D
Guide camera
Guide scope
Autoguide software
Filters Baader Astro Solar filter foil
Location Landgraaf, The Netherlands
Image comments

Image was colorized from white light to yellow using Photoshop.