Welcome to the equipment section.

Below is an overview of all equipment currently in use for both astrophotography as well as visual purposes. Most of the equipment is still being used although some also has been sold or is now obsolete.

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At the bottom of the page there is a small section with previously used/owned equipment.

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All of the different telescopes and other optical equipment used for imaging and (auto)guiding.

Orion Optics SPX 10″ Newton

TMB/Lomo 80/480 APO

Vixen VMC110L

Starwave 50mm Finder/Guide Scope


Permanent set up in an observatory, this is currently the mount which is used for imaging. The Losmany G-11 has been upgraded from the standard version to Gemini GoTo and the standard worm has been replaced by an “Ovision” precision worm.

Losmandy G-11 Gemini

Ovision precision worm


All of the cameras currently in use, or previously used for both imaging as well as autoguiding.

The SBIG ST-8300M is currently the main imaging camera.
The Canon 350D has been extensively used in the past as it had a MUCH better noise signature than the Canon 20D.


ToUcam Pro II

Canon 350D DSLR

ASI 120 MC

Canon 20D DSLR

Astrolumina ALccd5-II

Atik 1 HS II

Correctors & reducers

As telescopes are always a compromise by design, different types of optical correctors need to be used to obtain a “flat field of view”.

Tele Vue TRF2008

Tele Vue RPF2804

Tele Vue Paracorr

Filterwheel & filters

As the ST-8300M is a monochrome camera, filters are needed to record color data. Specialised filters are needed as well to record light at very specific wavelengths.
Furthermore the ever increasing light pollution problem also needs to be handled by filters blocking unwanted light.

SX 2″ Elec. Filterwheel

Baader 2″ UHC-S

Astronomik 36mm UHC

Baader 2″ RGB CCD Filters

SBIG FW8-8300 Filterwheel

Baader 2″ H-alpha (7nm) CCD Filter

SBIG FW8-8300 Filterwheel


Baader 36mm unmounted NB filters


Everything else which does not fall into any of the above categories.

Vixen LV Series

Meade barlow

Antares W70

Motorfocus for Moonlite (DIY)

Meade Plössls

Meade crosshair

Old equipment

All of below equipment is either no longer used or sold.
Most but not all equipment have an image available, otherwise it is just listed as text.

Astrotec OTE 150 GEM

TS 127/820mm (5″ f6.45) Achro

Astrotec OTE 150 GEM

MTS3-SDI Mount Controller

GSO 250/1250mm (10″ f5)

GSO 8″ Photo-Newton f4

Baader 2″ Fringe Killer

Orion USA ED 80 f7.5 ED

Baader 2″ Moon & Skyglow

Meade 254/1140mm (10″ f4.5) – Starfinder Newton & Mount