The bright star in the center of this image (Gamma Cygni) is surrounded by large nebula cataloged as IC1318.
The star Gamma Cygni is however not part of the nebula itself, but happens to be a foreground star located at a distance of 750 light years, while the nebula itself is located at about 5.000 light years.

Gamma Cygni is the center star in the Northern Cross (Cygnus).
The right part of the nebula is also knwon as the “The Butterfly Nebula” due to it’s shape.

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Image data

Name IC1318 – The Gamma Cygni Nebula
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Cygnus
Right ascension 20h 26m 35s
Declination +40° 17′ 47″
Distance 5.000 ly
Other designations Sadr Region