IC1396 is a large emission nebula complex located in the constellation Cepheus.
The nebula is also a star forming region which contains some very young stars (less than 100.000 years old). These stars were discovered in infrared images taken in 2003.

It lies at a distance of about 2.400 light years and has a diameter of several hundred light years.

The dense dark patch of nebula located to the center-right is also known as the Elephant’s Trunk nebula.

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Image data

Name IC1396 – The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Cepheus
Right ascension 21h 39m 06s
Declination +57° 30′ 00″
Distance 2.400 ly
Other designations Barnard 161, IC1396A, LDN1105, vDB142