IC410 (at left) is a region of faint nebulosity (compared to its brighter neighbour IC405 – The Flaming Star Nebula) which surrounds the open cluster NGC1893.

IC410 lies approximately 12.000 light years away in the constellation of Auriga.

IC405, also known as the Flaming Star Nebula surrounds the variable star AE Aurigae.
The nebula lies at a distance of about 1.500 light years and spans 5 light years across.
Radiation from AE Aurigae causes the gas in IC 405 to glow red, while dust creates the blue reflection nebula near the star.

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Image data

Name IC410 & IC405
Type Emission/reflection nebula
Constellation Auriga
Right ascension 05h 16m 05s
Declination +34° 27′ 49″
Distance 12.000 ly + 1.500 ly
Other designations Sh2-229, Caldwell 31, LBN807