IC417 & NGC1931 (small nebula in the center of center) are also sometimes referred to as “The Spider and the Fly” the resemblance does however not show from this image as it needs a lot more exposure time (preferably Ha) to bring out the fainter details of IC417 (also known as Sharpless 234)

The object is located in the constellation Auriga and is near IC405 and IC410.
Both nebulae are about 10.000 light-years distant and are embedded in glowing hydrogen gas.

The open star cluster visible on the left side of the image is Messier 36.
Check the annotated version below to identify all the objects in the image.

Previous/older images:

Nov 21, 2011 – ST-8300M (80mm TMB-1h 36m)

Image data

Name NGC1931 & IC417 – The Spider and the Fly
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Auriga
Right ascension 05h 28m 06s
Declination +34° 25′ 26″
Distance 10.000 ly
Other designations Sh2-234