IC443 is a supernova remnant in the constellation Gemini at a distance of about 5.000 ly. The supernova occurred somewhere between 3.000 and 30.000 years ago.

IC443 is also known as the Jellyfish nebula due to it’s shape. The actual size of the nebula is around 70 ly.

The large star on the left near the nebula is η Geminorum, the other bright star is μ Geminorum.
IC444, a small (blue) reflection nebula surrounding the star 12Gem. is just below the center of the image.

The lanes of dark nebulosity are known as LDN 1567 and LDN 1568.

When looking carefully at lower right of the image, you may notice a small somewhat brighter “bubble”, this is Howell-Crisp 1, which is suspected to be a small planetary nebula only to be discovered in 2006. Check the annotated version listed below if you cannot find it.

Previous/older images:

Mar 07, 2011 – ST-8300M (10″ Newt. Mono)

Image data

Name IC443 – The Jellyfish Nebula
Type Supernova remnant
Constellation Gemini
Right ascension 06h 17m 13s
Declination +22° 31′ 05″
Distance 5.000 ly
Other designations Sh2-248