The Orion Nebula is the brightest diffuse nebula in the northern sky and also one of the brightest deepsky objects at all.

It is easily visible, even under moderately good conditions. It lies at a distance of about 1.300 light years.
The nebula is estimated to be approximately 24 light years across.

It contains a very young open cluster at the center, known as the Trapezium.
This nebula is one of the most photographed objects in the northern sky.

Previous/older images:

Jan 08, 2008 – Canon 350D (80mm TMB-3h54m)

Jan 14, 2007 – Canon 350D (80mm TMB-1h40m)

Jan 07, 2006 – Canon 350D (OTE-150 80mm TMB-1h7m)

Image data

Name M42 – The Orion Nebula
Type Emission/reflection nebula
Constellation Orion
Right ascension 05h 35m 17s
Declination -05° 23′ 28″
Distance 1.300 ly
Other designations NGC1976, Sharpless 281, LBN 974