The constellation Leo is rich in galaxies, and this group is one of the best known.
This small group of galaxies (part of the M66 Group) consists of three members, NGC3628 (edge-on galaxy not visible in this image – see previous image), M65 (right) and M66 (left).

It is commonly referred to as “The Leo Triplet”. All three galaxies lie at an estimated distance of about 35 million light years.
The M66 group may be related to the M96 Group and the Leo I galaxy group.

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Oct 04, 2005 – Canon 350D (Orion USA 80/600 ED, OTE-150 55m)

Image data

Name M65 & M66
Type Spiral galaxy
Constellation Leo
Right ascension 11h 18m 56s (M65)
Declination +13° 05′ 32″ (M65)
Distance 35 Mly (M65) 36 Mly (M66)
Other designations NGC3623, UGC6328, PGC34612 and NGC3627, UGC6346, PGC34695, Arp 16