Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major.

Discovered in 1774 by Johan Elert Bode, the galaxy is also known as “Bode’s Galaxy” or NGC3031.
It lies at a distance of approximately 12 million light years.

M81 is the largest galaxy in the so called M81 Group, containing 34 galaxies, all in the constellation Ursa Major.
The small and faint patch to the north of the galaxy is called Homlberg IX. This is a dwarf irregular galaxy and a satellite galaxy of M81.

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Image data

Name M81 – Bode’s Galaxy
Type Spiral galaxy
Constellation Ursa Major
Right ascension 09h 55m 33s
Declination +69° 03′ 55″
Distance 12 Mly
Other designations NGC3031, UGC5318, PGC28630