The title should actually be M96 & M95, as M96 is the left galaxy and M95 is the right galaxy.
M95 is a barred spiral galaxy, M96 is categorized as a double-barred spiral galaxy.

Above widefield image shows not only Messier 95 and Messier 96, but also galaxies NGC3889, NGC3384 and M105 (clockwise starting topleft).

The galaxies can be found in the constellation Leo, and they lie at a distance of 38 million light years (M95) and 31 million light years (M96).
A type Ia supernova explosion was observed in M96 in May 1998
In March 2012, a supernova was discovered in M95.

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Image data

Name M95 & M96
Type Barred spiral galaxy (both)
Constellation Leo
Right ascension 10h 43m 58s (M95)
Declination +11° 42′ 14″ (M95)
Distance 38 Mly (M95) 31 Mly (M96)
Other designations NGC3351, UGC5850, PGC32007 and NGC3368, UGC5882, PGC32192