The Rosette Nebula is a large nebula in Monoceros consisting of an open star cluster and a large surrounding emission nebula.
Although the nebula is usually referred to as NGC 2244, this is actually the designation for the open cluster.
The open cluster is estimated to be only about 5 million years old.

The nebula itself is cataloged under NGC 2237. The distance to the nebula is about 5.200 light years.

Previous/older images:

Feb 11, 2008 – Canon 350D (80mm TMB-7h)

Image data

Name NGC2244 – The Rosette Nebula
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Monoceros
Right ascension 06h 31m 54s
Declination +04° 56′ 00″
Distance 5.200 ly
Other designations Caldwell 50