NGC 7662 is a relatively small planetary nebula in the constellation Andromeda.

It is also known as the Blue Snowball or the Snowball Nebula, due to its distinctive shape and color.

We currently have no accurate idea about the exact distance to this nebula. Measurements vary from 1.800 to 5.600 light years
The nebula has a faint blueish central (variable) star with a magnitude range of 12 to 16.

With an apparent magnitude of +8.6 it is one of the brightest examples of its type.

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Image data

Name NGC 7662 – The Blue Snowball Nebula
Type Planetary nebula
Constellation Andromeda
Right ascension 23h 25m 54s
Declination +42° 32′ 06″
Distance 2.000 – 5.000 ly
Other designations Caldwell 22