The large central object in this image is Sharpless2-232, it features a prominent dark lane.
Sh2-232 is part of the Sh2-235 complex and consists of 4 HII regions, being SH2-231, 232, 233 and 235.
All these objects can be found in the constellation Auriga.

A total of three Sharpless objects can be found in this image, as well as 2 planetary nebulae.
Check the annotated version to find out where they are in the image.

The planetary nebula in the center of Sh2-232 was only discovered in 1980.

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Image data

Name SH2-232
Type Emission nebula
Constellation Auriga
Right ascension 05h 42m 26s
Declination +36° 12′ 03″
Distance 5.800 ly
Other designations