Our Sun is a regular main-sequence class G2 star.
It is the largest object in our solar system and contains more than 99.8% of all mass present in our solar system.

At present our Sun’s mass consists of about 70% hydrogen, 28% helium and some other elements.
This amount slowly changes over time as hydrogen is converted to helium in the core of our Sun.

The average remaining life-span of our Sun is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years after which it will slowly expand into a red giant star which will eventually collapse and explode. This will probably create a nice planetary nebula, but unfortunately we won’t be around anymore to take a picture of it !

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Image data

Name Sun
Type G-type main-sequence star
Age ~ 4.6 billion years
Absolute magnitude 4.83
Spectral classification G2V
Distance 1 AU – 8m 19s at light speed
from Milky Way core 27.200 ly
Equatorial radius 695.700 km – 109 Earths
Mass 333.000 Earths
Eq. Surface gravity 27,94 G
Sidereal rot. period 25,05 days
Apparant magnitude -26,74