Welcome to the main portfolio index.

You cannot directly view images from here, but this page contains information on how to navigate using the menu options available, how to find (specific) images and how to use categories and tags.

There are several ways to browse through the images, which is explained in further detail below.

All images are available in both the blog and the portfolio pages. However all information on the object, including a short description and all technical details about the image along with other versions are only accessible via the portfolio pages.

The blog is solely used as a chronological overview of images.


When you click on an image in the portfolio pages, a new page is loaded which will show an (overview) version of the image, a brief description of the object(s) in the image and several tabs featuring object location, equipment and image info.

If there are any other versions or older versions of the image available these will be shown as well.

When clicking on the overview version of the image a full size image will be opened in a separate (lightbox) window.

To exit this image window you can click the “X” at the very upper right of the image, click somewhere outside the image window or press the “Esc” button on your keyboard.

The image window will always show the maximum resolution available at which your desktop is currently set up and will never be larger than your monitor resolution allows.


  • Directly from the main menu

    Use the main menu directly below the site logo to navigate through all the pages

  • Direct page navigation

    Use the summary of portfolio pages and click on the direct links in the sidebar to the right.

  • By category

    A category is more specific than a direct page. Use this for specific types of images

  • Using the tag cloud

    Find an image based on a tag which can be a catalogue number or you can even have an overview by constellation.

  • Search image

    Search an image by name or catalog using the search function in the sidebar or the main menu.